1. Interval valued fuzzy weak bi-ideals of $\Gamma$-near-rings

V. Chinnadurai; K. Arulmozhi; S. Kadalarasi

Volume 06, Issue 03 , Summer 2017, , Pages 223-236

  In this paper, we introduce the concept of interval valued fuzzy weak bi-ideals of $\Gamma$-near-rings, which is a generalized concept of fuzzy weak bi-ideals of $\Gamma$- near-rings. We also characterize some properties and examples of interval valued fuzzy weak bi-ideals of $\Gamma$-near-rings.  Read More

2. Generalized inverse of fuzzy neutrosophic soft matrix

R. Uma; P. Murugadas; S. Sriram

Volume 06, Issue 02 , Spring 2017, , Pages 109-123

  Neutrosophy is a new branch of philosophy that studies the origin, nature, and scope of neutralities, as well as their interactions with different ideational spectra. Aim of this article is to find the maximum and minimum solution of the fuzzy neutrosophic soft relational equations xA=b and Ax=b, where ...  Read More

Linear and multilinear algebra; matrix theory
3. Minimal solution of fuzzy neutrosophic soft matrix

M. Kavitha; P. Murugadas; S. Sriram

Volume 06, Issue 02 , Spring 2017, , Pages 171-190

  The aim of this article is to study the concept of unique solvability of max-min fuzzy neutrosophic soft matrix equation and strong regularity of fuzzy neutrosophic soft matrices over Fuzzy Neutrosophic Soft Algebra (FNSA). A Fuzzy Neutrosophic Soft Matrix (FNSM) is said to have Strong, Linear Independent ...  Read More

4. Fuzzy soft ideals of near-subraction semigroups

V. Chinnadurai; S. Kadalarasi

Volume 05, Issue 03 , Summer 2016, , Pages 175-186

  Our aim in this paper is to introduce the notion of fuzzy soft near-subtraction semigroups and fuzzy soft ideals of near-subtraction semigroups. We discuss some important properties of these new fuzzy algebraic structure and investigate some examples and counter examples.  Read More

5. Bipolar general fuzzy automata

M. Horry

Volume 05, Issue 02 , Spring 2016, , Pages 83-91

  In this paper, we define the notion of a bipolar general fuzzy automaton, then we construct some closure operators on the set of states of a bipolar general fuzzy automaton. Also, we construct some topologies on the set of states of a bipolar general fuzzy automaton. Then we obtain some relationships ...  Read More

General topology
6. On fuzzy soft connected topological spaces

S. Karataş; B. Kılıccedil; M. Tellioğlu

Volume 04, Issue 03 , Summer 2015, , Pages 229-240

  In this work, we introduce notion of connectedness on fuzzy soft topological spaces and present fundamentals properties. We also investigate effect to fuzzy soft connectedness. Moreover, $C_i$-connectedness which plays an important role in fuzzy topological space extend to fuzzy soft topological spaces.  Read More

Ordinary differential equations
7. Solution of the first order fuzzy differential equations with generalized differentiability

L. Jamshidi; T. Allahviranloo

Volume 03, Issue 03 , Summer 2014, , Pages 159-171

  In this paper, we study first order linear fuzzy differential equations with fuzzy coefficient and initial value. We use the generalized differentiability concept and apply the exponent matrix to present the general form of their solutions. Finally, one example is given to illustrate ...  Read More