Manuscript submission and the first evaluation

    Manuscripts must be submitted through the Online Manuscript Submission and Tracking System (OMSTS). After submission of a manuscript to the Journal of Linear and Topological Algebra (JLTA), the editorial office evaluates the manuscript against the aims and scope of the journal. Then the manuscript is assigned to a member of Editorial Board by Editor-in-Chief. The Editor check the paper to decide whether it receives the priority to publish in the journal or not. This process may take a few weeks. 


 Peer Review Process

   The objective of the journal is to speed up the decision process without compromising on quality. Hence, received manuscripts will be handled by Editor-in-Chief. The papers can be directly rejected by the Editor-in-Chief due to its low quality or because it is does not fit to the topics of the journal. Also, we will check the novelty of all submitted papers by iThenticate against plagiarism. Please, before submitting a manuscript, check your papers by a Plagiarism browser such as Note that the similarities above 25% will not be accepted for the review process. Then, the manuscript will be assigned to one of the Editor board who can also reject the paper. If the paper met the standards of the journal, the Editor assigns it to at least three potential referees to evaluate. Each referee has two months to give his/her first opinion on the paper. JLTA tries to make the first decision within 3 months after submission, but this primarily depends on the referees. If you have not received a notice of the decision after 4 months, kindly contact the Editor-in-Chief by email or use the contact form at Contact Us.

1. Note that the authors must introduce at least 5 potential referees that are selected from different universities and different region of the world, plus their emails and affiliations. This can speed to review process. But the editor decides on the selection of the reviewers. Hence, heshe may not use the author’s suggestions. The selection of peer reviewers depends on their availability and the subject of the manuscript. This journal uses double-blind review, which means that both the reviewer and author identities are concealed from the reviewers, and vice versa, throughout the review process. 

2. All manuscripts are evaluated according to the reviewers’ guidelines. On the basis of their evaluation, the referees recommend the paper either for publication or for rejection or they can suggest some necessary changes if it is needed. Finally, the editorial board takes the final decision for publication of the article.

The manuscript will be accepted, if all peer reviewers recommend the manuscript be accepted. The manuscript will be rejected, if more than half of peer reviewers recommend the manuscript be rejected. In all other cases the reviewers’ comments will be sent back to the corresponding author to revise the manuscript. Revised manuscripts again will be reviewed by the mention process. If the referee confirms the modified manuscript, this article will be accepted for publication.